Technical and creative industry

A team that seeks ceaselessly surpasses itself. Young architects and aspirants to realize a coherent, pure and conscious architecture. This is the profile of the members of Leonardo Maia Architects. Supervised by the architect-director, our cast of professionals is trained to offer thoroughness, richness of detail and commitment to each project.

Administrative sector

Believing that personalization and exclusivity are ways that cooperate for results with excellence, our administrative staff coordinates the chronology of each technical meeting for the development of projects, be they internal or external, with rigor and organization, so that each client, without distinction, is attended to in a personalized and efficient way.

Leo Maia


Intuition and curiosity are personal characteristics that have made Leonardo Maya plunge into the world of architecture. With an academic background and office since 2006, Leonardo Maia Arquitetos designs corporate, residential and institutional architectural projects that, with commitment and dedication, have boosted its staff to one of the region's reference offices. In its wide range of clients, projects for clinics, multifamily buildings, shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, colleges and others stand out. In parallel, her office's interior and interior architecture division is the author of several projects in horizontal and vertical condominiums in João Pessoa, Natal, Recife, Brasilia, Miami and other plazas. His projects include Nau Frutos do Mar, Devassa Brewery, Chopp Time Street; shops such as Aprimore, Performatto, Unimed North-Northeast, TOP Orthopedics clinics, AMIP Hospital, Vision Treatment Institute, Supreme Dentistry, Motel Pigalle (retrofit), among many others.

Breaking the frontiers, the work of our office has been recognized in the national scene, through shows and publications in books, magazines and magazines.

Highlighted in several local associations for the whole of his work; awarded by Kaza Magazine's Top 100 as one of Brazil's most influential architects in 2010, 2011 and 2012; awarded as author of the Best Space for Public Use of Casa Cor; awarded in Milan in 2011 as the best space of Morar Mais.

Aware that beauty and a coherent aesthetic are the paths to a full life, Leonardo solidifies and impresses his mark, elaborating a fusion of the future with the present.